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Sri Lanka Health

Each year, Sri Lanka is visited by a large number of tourists, flying in to see this beautiful country, and indulge in many of its wonderful surprises. Although Sri Lanka is recognized as a country with a high standard of medical and health care facilities in the South Asian region, there are several health precautions that any traveller, hoping to come to the country, should adhere to. A few of the vaccinations are compulsory, as they are an entry requirement to the country.

  Special Precautions Certificate Required
Yellow Fever No 1
Cholera Yes 2
Typhoid and Polio 3 N/A
Malaria 4 N/A

  1. The yellow fever vaccination certificate is one such certification which is required from all travellers, disembarking in Sri Lanka, over the age of one year, arriving within a six-day period, from a yellow fever infected area.
  2. Although the cholera vaccination certificate is not an entry requirement to Sri Lanka (WHO guidelines, 1973), it is recommended that all precautions are taken, as cholera is a serious health hazard in the country. However, the decision of vaccinating should be in accordance with the latest medical advice, as opinions are greatly varied, as to its true effectiveness. See the Health appendix.
  3. Typhoid is a common occurrence in rural areas, and the vaccine is recommended for all those travelling to the countryside. Generally consumed orally, and the side-effects are minimal.
  4. The risk of malaria is found all-year-round, especially in the districts of Amparai, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Batticaloa, Hambantota, Jaffna, Kandy, Kegalle, Kurunegala, Mannar, Matale, Matara, Moneragala, Polonnaruwa, Puttalam, Ratnapura, Trincomalee and Vavuniya. Prevention of mosquito bites is essential when visiting the above areas. Plasmodium vivax causes the most prevalent form of human malaria, while the malignant falciparum strain is also present, and is said to resist chloroquine.

Food and Drink

Unsafe water consumption is detrimental for the health and should be avoided at all costs, while travelling in Sri Lanka. When using water for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice, always make sure that the water is boiled or sterilized. Most hotels in the country offer bottled water and mineral waters, and some even offer pasteurized and sterilized milk. When preparing powdered or tinned milk, ensure that the water used, is clean. As a rule, only consume dairy products made with boiled milk. Meat and fish must be well-cooked, and served hot whenever possible. Fruits must be washed with clean water and peeled prior to eating, and vegetable are safer when cooked. Food such as pork, salads and mayonnaise contain greater risks for your health.

Other Risks

Hepatitis A, B and E is present in Sri Lanka and precautions should be taken. Vaccinations are recommended for those in high-risk groups.

Dengue fever is also another common ailment, in Sri Lanka, that travellers must be cautious of. Dengue viruses are transmitted during the feeding process of mosquitoes and the prevention of getting bitten by mosquitoes is essential.

Rabies is also present in Sri Lanka. Those in high-risk groups, such as veterinarians and animal handlers, should consider vaccination, prior to arrival. If bitten, consult the health authorities and obtain medical assistance, without delay. For more information, consult the Health appendix.

In Sri Lanka, health care is available free-of-charge at government hospitals and dispensaries; 24-hour treatment is available at the Colombo General Hospital. Doctors are present in some of the hotels in Sri Lanka.

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